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Diversity Within offers inclusive marketing and communications (MarComms) services as well as training to communicator’s, brand strategists, marketer’s and communication agencies that want to tap into diverse and BAME (Black Minority Ethnic) communities that are classed as hard-to-reach across the UK and beyond.

This dynamic agency has been launched to service this niche industry in response to market demand following on from the Black Lives Matter movement and other social inclusive campaigns that will assist mainstream agencies in addressing the need for Diversity and inclusion in its campaigns and projects as well as addressing the under-representation of BAME working at board and senior-level positions in the marketing and PR industries.

Diversity Within

At Diversity Within, we have over 40 years combined in Diversity & Inclusion and the founder has evolved to become a well-known diversity expert that has worked with the likes of the Home Office, DEFRA, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, ConstructionSkills, Greater London Authority, HSBC, Metropolitan Police and MoneyGram to name a few.

We work with the board of directors, senior management, HR policy, Equality and Diversity, operations, regeneration, social inclusion, communications and marketing departments to bestow impactful solutions.

We have credible experience and an understanding of diverse communities and what affects them in which we can also give impartial advice to organisations from an unbiased perspective.


The founder of Diversity Within, Mavis Amankwah, was one of the co-founders and former MD of ethnic communications agency Rich Visions Diversity Comms. focused exclusively on helping organisations reach out to minority ethnic audiences through marketing and PR.

Mavis Amankwah was previously featured in The Guardian and was named one of PR Weeks’s most influential people in PR from 2011-2015. Mavis’s highlight of her career was winning the diversity communications brief for one of the most extensive campaigns in the UK, the Digital TV Switchover, one of the most comprehensive public infrastructure change operations since the switch to natural gas in 1967.

Rich Visions DC

Rich Visions DC (Diversity Comms.) evolved into one of the most influential diversity specialist agencies in the UK in the early 2000s. It was an approved supplier to the COI (Central Office of Information) cultural diversity framework. It had worked on a plethora of diverse projects and campaigns for the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police, Defra and Liverpool City Council, to name a few, and in 2012 won the diversity brief for the Digital Switchover campaign.

Mavis Has Worked With

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Reaching The Unreachable

Our slogan “Reaching the Unreachable” is a clear statement of intent to clients, prospects and other agencies/organisations and brands on both the scale of the task at hand and our ability to meet it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a reputation that makes us the first call for communicators, agencies and brands’ Diversity & Inclusion matters.

Our Aim
  • To emphasise the importance and benefits of specifically communicating and marketing to diverse and hard-to-reach communities across the country
  • To raise awareness of the diverse and disparate communities in the UK; revealing their demographics and psychographics
  • To increase agencies, brand specialists, public and private sector organisations ability to provide culturally sensitive services to their clients, customers and consumers
  • To provide effective communications to our clients and those wishing to reach diverse, i.e. BAME communities.
Our Goals
  • To raise the profile of the importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the marketing and advertising arenas
  • To win new business from the agencies, international brands and the private sectors

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Diversity Within offers various services, including digital marketing, media planning, and buying PR services and consultations to help communicators reach over 10m BAME (Black Minority Asian Ethnic) and diverse audiences across the UK.

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