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Digital UK is leading the process of digital switchover in the UK. They are an independent not-for-profit organisation founded in April 2005 at the request of the Government, owned and jointly funded by the UK’s public service broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and S4C) and multiplex operators SDN and Arqiva.


The BAME community makes up around half of London’s population, and all of them needed to be made aware of the digital switchover. Digital UK approached Rich Visions DC with three objectives:

  • Ensure that London’ largest BAME and non-English speaking communities are successfully informed and educated about the switchover.
  • Target those over 75 in the above communities and advise them that free help and assistance is available.
  • To choose the appropriate media for each audience and negotiate and secure the best rates with prime positioning.

Our Solutions

To identify the top 20 BAME communities and create a through the line media and advertising strategy based on the specific media habits, preferred language and best mode of communication for each community.

The communities were divided into age, generation, religion and assessed language and literacy levels to determine the best way to communicate with them. The targeted communities included Nigerian, Ghanaian, Hindi, Polish, Brazilian, Chinese and Arabic.

We identified 86 different media channels with a strong influence and high circulation amongst BAME audiences in London, incorporating TV, print, radio and online.

Our Results

We identified a BAME audience of over one million readers, one million listeners and five million viewers, all of whom fit the initial target profile of BAME. They live in London, are not likely to receive/pay attention to advertising messages through mainstream channels or are very unlikely to act on messages received.

We also secured free space worth over £200,000 and reduced the overall advertising spend by over 40%. Digital also beat their target for ethnic minorities’ awareness at minus one month to switchover. Also, over 1000 translation booklets were downloaded from their website.


“Rich Vision helped us to deliver a complex and significant campaign targeting over 20 different ethnic minorities in London.   They delivered good value, and they managed the issues well.”

– Beth Thoren, Director of Communications of Digital UK

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