Equality & Diversity Training for Redbridge Homes

Rich Visions DC Case Study


Redbridge Homes was formed in April 2007 and is a not-for-profit housing organisation owned wholly by the London Borough of Redbridge. Redbridge Homes is responsible for managing over 7,000 homes in total (including over 2,300 leasehold properties).


Redbridge Homes commissioned Rich Visions to conduct Equality and Diversity (E&D) training for staff and board members, comprising a mix of half and full-day workshops.

This training programme was launched as a pilot scheme, with the aim of building, boosting and developing employees’ current understanding of E&D. Equipping staff with practical, task-based methods to enable them to confidently drive  Redbridge Homes’ E&D action plan forward and, ultimately, improve service delivery and resident participation.


Rich Visions DC conducted the ten-day pilot programme, covering:

Introduction to E&D, E&D for Managers and EqIAs (Equality Impact Assessments).

The themes of the workshops were drawn from the 2009 Audit Commission report on equalities and diversity. In addition, some staff members were given a training needs analysis form to complete, which enabled us to tailor the training to meet their needs. The training was conducted by Rich Visions’ MD, Mavis Amankwah, a part-time Equality and Diversity Advisor for Redbridge Homes.


A total of 106 Redbridge Homes staff (including 46 caretakers), five board members, and six staff members from Morrisons participated in the Introduction to E&D training workshop. 14 managers attended the E&D for Managers training, and 11 managers and team leaders attended the EqIAs training sessions.

All attendees were given evaluation forms to complete, which included questions about their understanding of E&D, what they had learnt from attending the workshop and how they could implement some of what they had learnt into their everyday work. A summary of the evaluations is available on request.

The overall feedback was positive. While staff members generally felt that they were already embracing E&D, they agreed that there was room for improvement both individually and for the organisation as a whole, which Redbridge Homes are currently recruiting Diversity Champions across various departments.


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