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Rich Visions DC Case Study


Black and Asian people are three times more likely to develop medical conditions that can lead to a kidney transplant. Doctors have to try to match the donor’s and recipient’s blood group and, in the case of kidney transplants, tissue type as well. Patients from the same ethnic group are more likely to be a closer match, and the closer the match, the greater the likelihood of a successful transplant. Only 1.4% of those on the NHS Organ Donor Register were of Asian origin, and only 0.4% were black.


The NHS commissioned Rich Visions DC to inform and encourage individuals from the African Caribbean community to sign up for the organ donor register.


Rich Visions DC’s outreach team visited convenience stores, community centres, businesses, and organisations across the UK with a high concentration of individuals from the African Caribbean community. We explained the campaign objectives and distributed promotional material, including posters and leaflets to business owners, to display the general public.


The outreach team visited and distributed literature to over 2000 African Caribbean outlets across the UK, including Birmingham, Leeds, Luton, Milton Keynes, Sandwell and Wolverhampton.


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