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Anthony Nolan is a pioneering UK charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer who need a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant. In 1974, Anthony Nolan’s mother, Shirley, set up the world’s first bone marrow register to match donors with people who desperately needed a transplant.

They help people in need of life-saving transplants by using their register to find remarkable donors with matching stem cells or bone marrow. They are a charity with international reach that carry out world-class research into stem cell matching and transplants to improve outcomes for all their patients.


Mavis and Rich Visions launched the Man on a Mission campaign to raise public awareness of the Anthony Nolan donor register in the Birmingham area and recruit 1000 potential male stem cell donors between the ages of 18 and 35. We needed to get as many local businesses to support the campaign as possible by encouraging them to put promotional materials on display for their customers and clients and alert them to the activities during the campaign week.

To choose the appropriate media for each audience and negotiate and secure the best rates with prime positioning.


The outreach campaign ran parallel to an ethnic PR, marketing and recruitment drive, enabling us to effectively spread the Anthony Nolan Trust’s work and the importance of requiring stem cell donors.

Our West Midlands outreach team attended over 500 shops and businesses in Birmingham, notifying them about the campaign and persuading them to display flyers and/or posters for the campaign duration and disseminate information. Some of the venues we visited were Handsworth Wood Baptist Church, Church of God Prophecy, Sarwar Foodstores and Ashok Supermarket.


A total of 473 shops and businesses agreed to support the Man on a Mission campaign and continued to help in the weeks after the campaign ended. A total of 658 people joined the register.

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